Data collection around the world 24/7

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HACCP Compatible: Automatic Logs, Temperature Curve Recording, Error Forwarding, Own APIs, Unlimited Years of Data Storage, Virtual Servers, IOT

The evaluation of EBLuft is lightning fast, even with large databases. All curves can be shown and hidden individually. You can print the curves or export all data as a table. During the evaluation, you can quickly see if a batch differs.

The evaluation is live – you can already see the diagram while a program is running. You also have the option of displaying the individual relays in the diagram. So you know when a flap was open or closed. Or at what time the heating register switched on and off.

The data acquisition is compatible with all our controllers. For new installations we recommend the EB1 controller.

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Create controller software with just a few clicks, simple and intuitive

With the EBCloud, software for the system can be programmed very easily using a graphic interface.

Control programs are stored and clearly displayed in the database. New controls can be programmed using templates or from scratch.