We want to preserve the tradition of smoking while
doing justice to environmental and climate protection.

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Ionsmoke is a groundbreaking clean technology that helps you save time and energy when smoking meat, fish and cheese. Based on a simple principle and produced by our Swiss manufacturer, Ionsmoke delivers state of the art food processing technology.
By evolving the smoking technology, the ancient tradition of smoking can be preserved and we can do justice to environmental and climate protection. Smoking emissions are drastically reduced.

We support you in treating food in an energy-efficient manner and smoking it cleanly.

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The EB1 controller is a modern, easy to use and reliable hardware unit for your produciton units. It is retrofittable to all brands and has an intuitive user experience. The EB1 controller synergizes especially well (but not only) with Ionsmoke. Together with EBLuft, you have complete control and insight into your food processes.
The EB1 controller helps you in our mission for more energy-efficieny and a cleaner process.
Food can be treated in a more energy-efficient manner and smoking can be clean.

We partner with industry-leading manufacturers.


We have years of experience with a wide array of food processing products. We have a trusted network of competent partners and industry-leading manufacturers. We install new products and used equipment.

We offer fumigation, control, data acquisition and programming solutions.


In addition to our own Ionsmoke module and the EB1 controller, we offer native software solutions to complement our growing ecosystem. Have a look at our data acquisition product “EBLuft” and our solution to program controller software “EBCloud”.
Our software gives you more control and knowledge over what is going on in you craft.

EBSmoke Technology Canada
We have a proven record of successful projects and extensive experience.

E&B Smoke Technology Ltd., located in Burnaby BC, Canada, is owned, and operated by Peter Loewe, who started business in 1986 as a distributor of smokehouse controllers. Over the years due to market demand our services have expanded!

What really makes our company unique is the ability to understand the ‘whole’ cycle and process of producing a smoked product. Our team starts with 35 years experience in the food processing industry. We look back on many successful projects and happy customers.

We work closely together with EBSmoke Switzerland, our manufacturer of Ionsmoke, EB1 Controller and our Software. Together, we want to provide high quality services and product to make your craft more successful.

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