Controller of the latest generation

icon settings

Retrofittable to all system brands

Specially for Ionsmoke: display live smoke density

Network connection for data acquisition (EBLuft)

Retrofit: 1.5 days, with Ionsmoke: 3 days

Touch Screen and easy to use interface


  • 32 relays
  • 10 optocouplers
  • 4 analog outputs 0-10V, 4-20mA; e.g. for frequency converters and for dynamic heating and cooling
  • 6 PT-100 sensor inputs for the most precise temperature measurements
  • 4 4-20 mA sensor inputs for climate and ripening rooms without smokeScreen with 85° viewing angle from both sides
  • Pleasant screen brightness (900 candela light intensity)
  • Touch screen
  • Physical buttons to be able to operate the controls well even with gloves

Legacy Controllers

The EB1 replaces our tried and tested controllers and develops them further.

Platium 9000