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Smoke Generator

Smoke generation is variably adjustable. It starts after a short electrical ignition. With open systems the air is taken from the processing room. With closed systems the air is taken from the smoke house.

Smoke output is optimal; the smoke flavour can be set from slight to intense.
DescriptionSmouldering cabinet, door and smouldering plates and storage bin for smoking material are made of heat resistant stainless steel. All inside parts are made from main steel. The gear motor is arranged on top of the smoke generator.
Smoking material is filled in from top through a cover. Smoking material is fed by a feeder. The smouldering plates can be easily removed.An ignition element provides a short electrical ignition of the smoking material. The Ignition is activated 10 minutes before smoke cycle begin. Ashes are removed by opening the front door. Remnants are flushed away during cleaning.

A cleaning system is integrated in the smoke ducts. The smoke is released through the rear wall of the smoke generator. Smoldering air and moving air are supplied through the rear wall as well.

Control: with E&B SC9000 or Platium controller


Pasteurisation System

This unique system allows for Pasteurising, Quick-cooking, standard cooking processes, Showering, Fogging, Intensive-cooling and Dry-heating!
This application can apply to packaged and unpacked products such as cooked ham, various types of sausages, as well as products in jars or cans.


  • Shelf life extension of vacuum packaged products by quick fringes-heating with high temperature.
  • Time- and power-saving due to process time reduction as the pasteurisation process only takes 5 - 15 minutes, depending on the product.
  • Bacteria reduction; on the surface to almost zero.
  • Prevention of fluid formation in the packaging due to short processing times. In addition, the pores on the products’ surface get closed
  • Expansion of sales markets through quality improvement and the possibility of guaranteeing shelf life.
  • Better fit of the package to the product by shock-showering of heated products.
  • Pasteurisation of products in modified atmosphere packaging’s (MAP) possible due to rapid heat-up times under counter-pressure.​​​

EnviroPak hot smoke house

The smoke house has a E&B SC9000 Controller.
The Smoke generator is a Enviropak and the chamber will be reconditioned with new electrical parts, new dampers and solenoids. The inside is going to be welded.

Control box 1' x 2' x 2'
Smokehouse 47 1/2 inches 3.96 feet wide, 90 inches high, 7.5 feet 59 inches long 4.92 feet
It was purchased in the early 90's
Smokehouse cart sizing 40 inches wide 65 inches tall 33 inches deep
inside dimensions 3' 7" long, 3' 7" wide, 5' 10" high
230V 3 Phase



Marteen and Hans Kooij

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